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In its simplest terms, workplace culture is defined as the character and personality of a company. The beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes that you and your staff share goes a long way in determining productivity, happiness and job satisfaction. But how do you really know that employees are satisfied? Are you a type of company that spouts cliché after cliché when trying to instill a culture and hope what you are saying sticks? “There’s no I in team”, “work smarter not harder”, “think outside the box”. These types of statements, while positive and motivating in certain situations, don’t really provide employees with a lot of understanding or information into what it means to work for your company. Companies with strong cultures are ones that engage their staff, listen to them and make them part of the decision making process.

The BC Construction Safety Alliance has brought the Safety Climate Tool (SCT) to BC! What is the SCT? The SCT is a powerful software-based perception survey consisting of 40 statements which map eight key factors, namely; Accidents & near miss reporting, Organizational commitment, Health & safety oriented behaviours, Health & safety trust, Usability of procedures, Engagement in health & safety, Peer group attitude and Resources for health and safety, that measure employee’s attitudes on health and safety issues within their company.

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